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New Features


Send failures can occur for a variety of reasons. Recently, there have been some issues with the UCLA SMTP that caused a higher failure rate than what would be expected. If you feel your message’s failure rate is high, you can now use the Retry Sending to Failed Recipients button (found on the message’s Statistics page) to resend your message to only the failed addresses.


The Email Client Popularity report is now available in the Reports section of the site. You can see what email clients are most popular among your own user group’s recipients or all EA Mailer recipients.


For every test email you send, screenshots are generated for you for many browser / email client combinations. You can preview exactly how your email looks in all the various email clients without having to send to test accounts and logging into each account to see the results. To see these previews, click on the Preview button in the test email list. (Note: This feature is only available to newly sent test emails.)